Western Funding's innovative approach and vast experience in the finance industry has led us to be the leader in all types of sub-prime finance, from automobile contracts to goods and services.


We're continually striving to upgrade the quality and diversity of our finance programs and receivables purchased. Our common-sense approach to credit approval allows us to make better credit decisions, being more open and flexible in our contract purchases, which generates greater revenue and profit for our clients.


Since 1962, Western Funding, Inc. has recognized businesses and consumers' need for a sub-standard contacts financing source. Those who are new in the area, recently bankrupt, or perhaps had a lack of or poor credit history are still entitled to credit but are constantly turned down by banks and other lending institutions. These types of sales were not necessarily being made to the 'Grade C' buyer, but were nonetheless difficult to finance because of their sub-standard nature.


Let Western Funding finance your next automobile contract!


Serving the Hard to Finance.

Our reputation for consistency and reliability over the previous decades has no equal in the industry. Unlike many other financial and lending institutions, we have been there for you since 1962.    More >>