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Generate cash profits for your dealership with our Triple Pay Program

Triple Pay is Western Funding Inc’s unique program that gives dealers the opportunity to build a portfolio of accounts and share in the profits of each deal.

The program gives the dealers three (3) opportunities to receive payment on the same contract. Dealerships maximize their profits by earning up to  50%  of the interest collected and the majority of the principal as the customer makes payments.

Western Funding, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of the “10-10-10 Program” as a complement to the successful Triple Pay Program.

As an extension of the Triple Pay program, the “10-10-10 Program” allows dealers to fill their Triple Pay buckets even faster and increase the speed at which they may receive their second and third participation check by financing quality older vehicles with higher mileage. The “10-10-10 Program” stands for 10-year-old vehicles with a maximum of $10,000 amount financed (before add-on products) and a minimum of 100,000 miles.

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