About Us

Why Western Funding

Technology Drive, Entrepreneurial in Nature

Western Funding is a subsidiary of Westlake Financial, the largest privately held finance company in the United States with demonstrated growth year over year. Our program both supplements and complements the full spectrum lending offering of our parent company. We continue to expand our teams, grow our dealer base, and cement our role as a part of a truly exciting future leader in the automotive industry.

Western Funding and its parent company, Westlake Financial, are members of the Hankey Group of Companies along with sister companies and subsidiaries such as: Westlake Portfolio Management, Westlake Flooring, Westlake Capital Finance, Wilshire Consumer Credit, and DealerCenter creator and IT leader, Nowcom.

Mission Statement

To be the most respected and technologically advanced financial services provider, admired for the products and services we provide to customers and partners.

Industry Innovator

Since 1962, Western Funding has had an unwavering commitment to building a business partnership with dealerships nationwide. Western Funding has been an innovator in the subprime auto finance industry, designing a program to help dealers finance customers, regardless of credit history. This program provides dealers with both an aggressive up-front check or advance, and the opportunity to earn additional money for performing portfolios.

Technology Enabled

Western Funding continues to embrace technological advancements to better serve its dealer partners. Western Funding uses an automated decisioning platform in partnership with DealerCenter. This system allows dealer partners to submit deals to Western Funding through either DealerTrack© or DealerCenter. Utilizing this system, Western Funding provides its dealer partners with automated credit decision and fast approvals within seconds, 24/7/365. Dealers can then work with their Western Funding Sales Team to rehash a deal to maximize profitability on each deal.


FUN: Achieving our growth and financial objectives is not enough – we want to have fun doing it along the way.  We get to know each other on a personal level.  We acknowledge individual accomplishments, celebrate wins and key milestones. 

ACCOUNTABLE:  We understand the central expectations for each role and hold each other accountable for delivering on those expectations. We treat feedback as a gift. We build trust by providing timely, respectful feedback and responses where there are opportunities for improvement. 

STRATEGIC:  We focus on the “big picture”; dealers vs deals; portfolio vs transaction; growth through customer service and data-driven decisions.  We prioritize the most important work to do for our team-members and customers.  We grow the program we have while advocating for the one we want.  We manage and evolve our operations to be Organizationally Healthy and scalable.

TEAM-ORIENTED:  We understand that we need each other to reach our objectives.  We promote an environment where any individual can help us identify opportunities to improve by embracing new ideas.  We value the diversity of our team-members’ strengths and experiences. 

EFFICIENT:  We seek to use technology to streamline business operations.  We are comfortable adopting incremental solutions today that move us closer to our objectives.  We benchmark and measure ourselves in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Where we have data, we use it.  Where we don’t have data, we build the capability to get it.

RESPECTFUL:  Our interactions with team-members and customers are handled with an appreciation for their perspective and abilities.  We show respect regardless of whether we agree or disagree; we are a united front.


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