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Secure One®

Let’s face it, things happen. Cars don’t start, water pumps stop working, and chains break. Secure One can help give your customers peace of mind. *

Benefits Include:

  • Adjustable pricing based on max allowable
  • Automatic activation at time of funding
  • Powertrain or Advantage coverage options
  • Terms available: 12 months or 12,000 miles (or) 24 months or 24,000 miles
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Available on all products

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If you would like more information, feel free to contact SecureOne at 844.441.2879
*Restrictions on Secure One availability and coverages may vary per state

GAP Waivers

Unfortunately, your insurance doesn’t always cover all the costs. Customers are then left with an expensive bill. GAP can benefit both dealer and customer. Dealers can receive at least 25% back when you sell the product on Western Funding deals. Your customers can rest assured knowing that the GAP waivers covers the gap between the amount the customer’s insurer pays and the amount owed to their finance company. A one-time premium covers the length of the finance contract.

Call us at 888.978.1989 or email [email protected] with any questions.

*Restrictions on GAP availability varies by state


Ensure that your lot is stocked with quality vehicles. From low mileage, late model vehicles to standard used car inventory, you can shop for Westlake cars through auctions nationwide. Dealers are guaranteed quality and money back when they purchase a Westlake vehicle.

Best Include:


  • Relationships with all major auction groups nationwide
  • Certification program showcases sale ready inventory
  • Everything you’re looking to buy (late model, low mileage, or standard used car vehicles)


  • Western Funding dealers earn coupons* when they purchase Westlake Remarketing vehicles.
  • $250 coupon earned with each Remarketing vehicle purchased
  • Redeem towards deal fees

*Subject to program discount restrictions


Dealers can rest easy knowing that they are buying quality vehicles with a drive train guarantee, comprehensive mechanical inspection and test driven before they are sold at auctions. Westlake Remarketing offers a 7-Day “Buy with Confidence” guarantee.

  • 7-Day Guarantee: Available on late-model vehicles with less than 125k miles, No frame.

Questions? Contact Westlake Remarketing at 855.245.8048

Westlake Capital Finance

Westlake Capital Finance (WCF) offers credit lines and commercial real estate loans to automotive dealers in all 50 states. We know the dealership business model better than any bank or private lender out there and can quickly get you the funds you need to grow.

Credit Lines:

Grow your business with a WCF credit line!


  • Save over 50% on monthly credit line payments
  • Complete transactions within 30 days
  • Complete control over your bank account
  • Simple borrowing base reporting

WCF Credit Lines give you the flexibility you need by increasing your cash flow! WCF is currently providing access to over $15 million in lines of credit.

Questions? Contact Westlake Capital Finance about credit lines by phone at 1.844.358.0669.

Commercial Real Estate Financing:


  • $100,000 minimum loan
  • 1-5 year terms
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick funding

Westlake Capital Finance offers a variety of commercial real estate loans which can be used for a variety of business needs: upgrade/renovation loans, Dealership purchase loans, ground-up construction loans, and debt consolidation/refinancing with cash out.

Questions? Contact Westlake Capital Finance by phone at 1.888.682.0166 or by email at [email protected]

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Get more leads by doing less. Car listing is now even easier. With CarZing.com, dealers can list their inventory in front of car buyers with lender prequalification! Buyers are able to lock-in on the car of their choice, get pre-qualified, and can even print a voucher to seal the deal. Dealers who list their inventory on CarZing.com receive leads directly into their preferred CRM or DMS. Unlike CarZing’s competitors, this is all completely free. Visit CarZing.com for more information on how you can better promote your inventory.

For any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

Innovative Financing Tools

CarZing allows users to instantly view their financing options

Innovative Financing Tools

Select your ideal prequal settings & profitability minimums

More leads, Less work

Send your pre-qualified leads to any DMS, CRM or email address

GlobalTrack GPS

GlobalTrack can help you, the dealer, your customers, and your bottom line. GlobalTrack GPS devices are tools to help monitor vehicle locations. Dealers can access information on every device in your portfolio through the locating site. Whether you have 10 units or 10,000, the GlobalTrack GPS platform is scalable and can provide the ability to maximize your market share. You can decrease risk, increase collection by as much as 4 times, and reduce repossessions by 15% with GPS’ real time accessibility and mobile compatibility.

  • Automatically receive alerts if vehicle has left defined area or state
  • Automatic 24 hour location updates
  • Critical alerts to signify unit tampering
  • Locate a vehicle to recover


To learn more about GlobalTrack GPS, please visit http://www.globaltrackllc.com/ or give as a call at 877.508.8444

*Restrictions on use of GPS system as part of your sale may vary per state.

BMW Homepage Car
BMW Homepage Car

Benefits of Triple Pay

  • 24/7/365 Instant Approvals
  • Dealer-driven financing
  • Hard-to-Finance Customers
  • Finance vehicles of up to 15 years in age
  • Dealers earn 81% of every customer payment

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