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Dealer Service

For dealer questions regarding the Buy Program, deal status, or local rep contact information

Dealer Service: (888) 434-3150

Customer Service

To get a payoff amount on a current Western Funding loan

Get a Western Payoff Quote online here change to:  https://www.westernfundinginc.com/payoff-request/

Western Payoff Customer Service Hotline: (888) 434-5913

Customer Service Business Hours

Monday – Friday: 5:00 AM – 5:30 PM (PST)

Saturday – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PST)

Deals and Funding

Verification Department Number (Regarding Customer Interviews)

(888) 880-8551 (Please note app #)



e.g., 1234567@UW.westernfundinginc.com


Send Title Documents to

Upload title documents via DealerCenter Home Page or email to  [app#]@titles.westernfundinginc.com

e.g., 1234567@titles.westernfundinginc.com

Title Department Phone

(888) 434-3150

Send VIN Corrections to (do not send title docs here):


Paper and ELT – Lien Holder Information

Western Funding Inc.

P.O. Box 278897

Sacramento, CA 95827

*NJ – use 3915 E. Patrick Lane Las Vegas, NV 89120


Insurance Department 

For questions about claims, payment adjustments, warranty buybacks, or Secure One

Insurance Department Phone

(866) 619-2524

Send Questions to:



Western Funding Inc.

P.O. Box 94858

Las Vegas, NV 89193-4858