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Western Funding offers independent and franchise dealers the ability to maximize profits and increase their bottom line! No longer turn away those hard-to-finance customers. Western Funding specializes in financing the non-prime borrower, no matter the customer’s employment or credit history! Dealers can receive 100% automated credit decision and fast approvals 24/7/365 when they submit a deal through DealerCenter or DealerTrack. With Western Funding’s deal enhancement tools, AutoStructure and IMAXX, dealers are in control of the financing. Dealers also have the opportunity to receive funds faster with eContracting.

Triple Pay Program

Maximize your profits by earning 81% of every customer payment! We made it our business to help you sell more cars and increase your bottom-line, by earning more per contract. Western Funding’s unique Triple Pay Program is designed to help franchise and independent dealerships deliver more retail units and build a bankable portfolio of business that drives higher profits. The Triple Pay Program is here to make YOU more money!

Get Paid THREE Times!

Initial, competitive, up-front advance
Closing check for every 50 deals equal to 25% of dealers equity on expected collections
Payment streams at 81% of remaining collections

Drive Your Own Financing

Get behind the wheel of your auto finance deals. You have the ability to lower your deal discount when you adjust term, down payment and sale price through our deal enhancement tools.


Using the customer’s desired down and monthly payment, you can instantly calculate the best deal structure with the highest net check.


With Western Funding’s I-Maxx tool, you can match vehicles in your inventory on which they are approved on based on the customer’s desired down and monthly payment.

Couple buying car


Showcase deal structures that fits your customer’s needs and maximize your profits with AutoStructure. The AutoStructure tool allows dealers to adjust the application approval by inputting the customer’s desired monthly and down payment. Western Funding offers you the ability to find the best structure for you and your customer.

DC Rehash

Benefits of Auto-Structure:

  •  Maximize dealers net check
  •  Receive ideal deal structure in seconds

Benefits of Auto-Structure:

  • Dealer control over credit decisions
  • Maximize dealers net check
  • Receive ideal deal structure in seconds
DC Rehash

I-MAXX (Inventory Maximizer)

Give everyone that walks onto your lot an approval. Western Funding’s I-Maxx tool can match the customer’s desired down and monthly payments to vehicles for which they are approved in seconds. I-Maxx also minimizes the loss of sales due to lack of finance options by providing dealers a menu of vehicles and loan structures for their customers.

Benefits of I-Maxx:

  • Showcase vehicles the customer can afford based on
    desired down and monthly payment
  • Sell more inventory
  • Faster rehash process
Vehicle IMAXX

eCONTRACTING (Fast Funding)

Receive funds faster and ditch the error-prone approach of manual entry. When dealers eContract with Western Funding, they can see funds a full day faster when the deal package is complete. Ensure you have captured the proper signature, deal documents and forms. Western Funding accepts eContracts on all deals through DealerCenter and DealerTrack.

eContracting Benefits

  • Submit deals faster
  • Opportunity for faster funding
  • Simple and fast contracting process
  • No hardware required

eContracting Benefits

  • Submit deals faster
  • Opportunity for faster funding
  • Simple and fast contracting process
  • No hardware required
BMW Homepage Car
BMW Homepage Car

Benefits of Triple Pay

  • 24/7/365 Instant Approvals
  • Dealer-driven financing
  • Hard-to-Finance Customers
  • Finance vehicles of up to 15 years in age
  • Dealers earn 81% of every customer payment

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