Who is Western Funding?

Founded in 1962, Western Funding has been an innovator in the subprime auto finance industry for over 50 years.

Since its inception, Western Funding has designed its programs to build a business partnership with its dealers by creating a dealer participation program. This concept provides dealers with both an aggressive up-front check or advance, and the opportunity to earn additional money for performing portfolios.

Triple Pay

This program provides the opportunity to get paid three times instead of just once! With Western Funding’s unique Triple Pay Program, dealerships can earn up to 81% of every customer payment and maximize their profits. The Triple Pay Program allows dealers the opportunity to build a portfolio of accounts and increase profitability from each deal.

Get Paid THREE Times!

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BMW Homepage Car
BMW Homepage Car

Benefits of Western Funding

  • 24/7/365 Instant Approvals
  • Dealer-driven financing
  • Hard-to-Finance Customers
  • Finance vehicles of up to 15 years in age
  • Dealers earn 81% of every customer payment

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